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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 29, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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writing to the factor. it is a rd, don't be it. thanks for watching tonight i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: this is a fox news alert today the terrorist threat loomed large as authorities in dubai and england found explosives onnes e u.s. shipped from yemen addressed to a chicago area jewish institution. it sparked fears about terror plots orchestrated by al-qaeda and cargo planes along the east coast were searched. passenger jet carrying cargo from yemen was escorted to jfk by two military fighter jets. for more we go to catherine
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herridge in washington, d.c.. >> reporter: thank you sean. based on the initial testing sources tell fox they believe the devices contain semtex, petn is the explosive we saw in the underwear bomb last december that failed. the president telling reporters earlier today the two devices were the real deal. >> the president: initial examination of those packages has determined that they do apparently contain explosive material. >> reporter: u.s. counter terrorism officials confirmed that a tip warning of packages to chicago synagogues and jewish community centers led to the increase any of cargo from yemen and discovery of this device. similar device also found in dubai. the president and his national security team were briefed. >> since there were explosive materials in it, a traditional dry run is something that you would not necessarily use with
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explosive materials. that said, i don't know yet. >> reporter: at one point an emirates flight from yemen was escorted by fighter jets to jfk it was believed cargo from yemen was onboard. the fbi said there was no known threat to the aircraft. across the country federal law enforcement began tracking and seening packages from yemen in philadelphia, san francisco, new york city. the initial reporting was negative for explosives or radiological material. because the packages came from yemen counter terrorism officials said -- the group behind attempted christmas day bombing where the device was stuffed in the underwear of umar farouk abdulmutallab, a young nigerian. >> the president: also we are still pursuing all facts we know the packages originated in yemen. we also know that al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, a
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terrorist group based in yemen continues to plan attacks against our homeland, our citizens and our friends and allies. >> reporter: as a result security is being stepped up for passengers and cargo across the country. no change to the threat level which remains high pore planes. >> sean: for more we go to former new york city mayor giuliani. welcome back. thanks for being here. >> thank you sean for having me >> sean: i have a couple of concerns. probably my first concern is, you know, look, the al-qaeda, modus operandi is not to do one, not two, but four, five, six at one time. obviously, we've got to be on a higher alert now for the days head. >> no question about it. this sort of illustrates the danger of al-qaeda and arabian peninsula. this group seems as equally as dangerous from any threat we
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were facing from afghanistan. they've pulled off a couple of attacks already in saudi arabia. probably they were behind the attack in fort hood at least al-awlaki was. they almost pulled to have a catastrophic attack in detroit on christmas day this is a very dangerous group. they should get a tremendous amount of attention. the real question is what are we gonna do about them? we need to get on top of this quickly and try to cut down the danger this threat creates. >> sean: congressman king suggested this may be a test of our defenses in order to see where we are at this moment in the hopes or plans by the enemy for a future attack? >> well, i think no question about it. listening to brennan, i got the impression they think this was a real attack. no other words an attack they were trying to accomplish and it didn't work. we don't know how many other devices were planted. at one point the speculation
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was there were 7 to 12 they were looking for. we found two. this may be still going on for a couple days. the bottom line of this s al-qaeda and arabian peninsula is a very dangerous force. we faces lamb mick extremist terrorist threats in various parts of the world. we cannot put all of our eggs in one basket, namely afghanistan. yemen is at the top of the list. >> sean: we are four days outside of this election. one has to wonder, i think it is a logical question if you think the enemies of america want to in some way impact the news cycle or even the election itself? your thoughts. >> hard to know this the first time bin laden has attempted this. others have attempted it. it is hard to know how sophisticated they are about our political process. could this be connected to the election? i guess that is something we have to answer in the future.
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we shouldn't assume they are as sophisticated about our political process as we think. they really are not. they are seeking to attack us at all times. this is one we found out about. last week there could have been another threat that was cut off in the nick of time that we don't know about. >> sean: here we are four days out of the election. i know you've been out supporting a lot of candidates around the country. if i had been out and around the country as i met people, i feel a level of intensity i don't think i've felt since 2004 as it relates to conservatives, certainly the polls bear this out. your experience? >> i just left a rally for john goldnick running here in massachusetts this is massachusetts, right? the heart of liberal democracy -- >> sean: by the way, are you even able to survive as the biggest yankee fan in the
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country? >> man, they are so sad that the red sox aren't in it and i'm so sad the yankees aren't in it, we were drinking beer together. [ laughing ] >> the reality is, this place was going wild for goldnick this is a district that scott brown carried the second biggest district in massachusetts close to 60%. although it is a democratic district goldnick has a good chance at winning. people here believe they may have a chance against barney frank. you have a level of end news that we haven't had -- enthuse yam that we haven't had in a long time. i'm going to maine, he just pulled ahead by two points. he's now ahead by two points. i think there are going to be a lot of surprises on election day. you are right, there's a level of enthusiasm below the surface. i don't know how big it is. maybe it is just what we see in the polls maybe it is
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bigger. it's sure not smaller. >> sean: i would tend to agree. i found one interesting story that i wanted to ask you about. actually, your name was off the list. it appears that the democratic national committee has formally asked the pentagon for any correspondence between military agencies and nine potential 2012, presidential candidates. you are not on the list. sarah palin, mitt romney, huckabee, gingrich, thune and engine . i'm thinking, wait a minute there's got to be something wrong with this -- by the way they wanted that information by today. any correspondence, any potential challenger, they want to know now. if i was a democrat, i would be furious saying why are you spending time on this when democrats are up for reelection. >> what could be the purpose of it? >> sean: freedom of information act.
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>> every one of those people have a right to communicate with the pentagon. all have views that influence the public and they are entitled to have information from the pentagon, appropriate information. it seems the democrats are getting ready to conduct a campaign as dirty as this one. there was a piece on abc about how at the end of the campaign democrats are focusing on personal negative attack on the republican candidates who have a chance. personal, negative taxes. that's what they are going to do the next three, four days. mcmahon in staten island is personally an taking michael grimm. it is right out of the democratic playbook. there's a study about the number of personal attack ads there's something like 3-1 democrat to republican. i imagine they want to conduct a presidential campaign that way >> sean: mr. mayor, appreciate it. when we come back, new polling showing where the candidates stand four days away from
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these midterm elections. >> first, crunch time for barney frank. he has taken another big hit many we'll tell you the latest setback for the massachusetts democrat. that and much more coming up. @a7 >> sean: barney frank has resorted to desperate measures calling in bill clinton and sending his partner to heckle
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his opponent. even that doesn't seem to be helping. the cook report says this race is no longer a likely win for the democrats now classified as a lean democrat would suggest that sean bielat continues to close in on frank. hey barney, keep it boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... gecko: oh...sorry, technical difficulties.
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have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. and help bridge the gap between the life you live... and the life you want to live. >> sean: just a weekend away from the midterm elections. some final poll numbers are coming in.
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in the golden states all eyes have been on the race between meg whitman and jerry brown. latest rasmussen poll shows whitman closing in on brown who leads by four points. out in nevada, looks like prince harry reid may be packing his bag. las vegas journal review has angle leading reid by four. in pennsylvania republican pat toomey maintains his lead against sestak. toomey's lead has narrowed in recent days the latest report has him hanging on to a four point lead. in florida marco rubio leaving his opponents in the dust. charlie crist barely hanging on to second place. rubio now holds a whooping 20 point lead over crist and meek. joining me with reaction to the lightest numbers are republican strategist, former romney adviser kevin madden and joe trippi. gentlemen, welcome.
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trippi, let me start with you. missouri going to be republican. tell me where you want to stop me new hampshire, ohio, indiana, north dakota. did dis-- any days agreements there? >> i think most people think those are leaning republican, yeah. >> sean: angle up by four in three or four polls. you think harry reid will out with unemployment at 15%? >> i think it is within the margin of error now. obviously he's an incumbent you don't like to see him where he is. i'm in nevada there's day strong number of democratic operatives who know how to -- do get out the vote are here now and working. we'll see what happens on election day. it is a very close race. >> sean: it is close but angle keeps pulling away. kevin? >> four points margin of
12:16 am
error. >> joe when you say you have democrat operatives you are trying to get them out to vote early and often? [ laughing ] >> people get out the vote ii >> sean: i think it is a tossup murray up by .5% not a full percentage point. may be a long night in washington state against rossi. >> i think that in that one most polls have murray at 50 or 51, 49. she is hanging there around 50. i think that bodes well for her, given the state and she has consistently about there. rossi is moving around. she has consistently been around 50 which is where you want to be if you are an incumbent running for the senate. >> i'm bullish on that state. if you look at the democrat advantage they have. she ought to be up by more. the fact that a lot of those
12:17 am
models are based on a bigger democrat turnout that i don't think is going to happen. more republicans are energized not being counted in some of these reelection polls. couple that with the enthusiasm that independents have for republican candidates in many ways a vote against obama and folks like murray who have been piling up deficits and voting for more spending. i feel good on election night that is going to be one that comes way. >> sean: i'm going to throw trippi a state. looks like you got a better chance in connecticut. although mcmahon has closed it has been within five in recent polls. but, in illinois, kirk continues to be up. if you look at west virginia another dead heat state we really can't predict. looks like feingold is going to be fired trippi, what happened? >> manchin in west virginia has been consistently ahead by i think significant margin.
12:18 am
i that i one is creeping away from the gop. >> sean: he to run so far away from obama and take a rifle and fire a bullet through the cap and tax bill. come on trippi! >> yeah, john raese is talking about abolishing the minimum wage. he didn't have to go to where he went to on a number of issues that i think will damage his candidacy. it is close. i think manchin has pulled ahead there. i would say look rasmussen, i respect scott rasmussen's numbers -- i think feingold, he's one of my favorite independent voices in the senate. this guy has taken on the cleann politics more than anybody. >> here's the tough thing about west virginia, i think joe will admit this right now
12:19 am
we have a nationalized election, referendum on obama and a left to center democrat agenda. when you see close races where it is not localized where they are not choosing manchin against raese, instead it is going to be a referendum the republicans are in a stronger position going into election. as far as con caught is going to surprise on election night. we are going to see those numbers comee%n in a place like connecticut is going to be a leader indicator. >> sean: rand paul running away with it in kentucky, too many any pennsylvania and miller holding on to a lead against a sore loser republican murkowski. guys good to see you. >> thanks sean. >> the president just delivered a speech in virginia hoping to save a democratic congressional seat. tonight we have the gop candidate looking to put that seat in the republican column. >> democrats may have broke election laws by offering free
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>> sean: we've reached the
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final four days before the midterms. if you want to know how desperate democrats are look no further than the commonwealth of virginia. president obama was there tonight delivering an emergency stump speech on behalf of embattled congressman perriello trailing in the polls. in recent weeks hurt has taken full advantage of perri, llo's questionable voting record. he has been a rubber stamp for president obama and speaker pelosi whether it was obamacare or the trillion dollar stimulus plan or the most reckless item cap and tax get who -- guess who perriello has voted with? you it the anointed one and nancy pelosi perhaps the most troubling aspect is what he said before casting some of these critical votes. on health care, prior to vetting yes, he told constituents in august of 2009,
12:25 am
i have been and i remain a no on the bill. still despite siding with democratic leadership on all of those issues perriello told the ing -- told the huffington post the idea that i'm in lockstep with the president is the kind of silly bs that conventional wisdom pundits get stuck on. joining me is his opponent republican candidate for virginia's 5th district state senator robert hurt. mr. hurt, welcome to hannity. >> thank you sean, mighty nice to be with you. >> sean: i have been and i remain a no on the bill. what happened? >> congressman perriello so proud of fact he held 22 town halls more than any other congressman. the people across the 5th
12:26 am
district told him they did not want to have this health care bill jammed down their throats. he totally disregarded what he was told, by the people that he represented. he did not represent the people when went to washington. he decided with -- he sided with nancy pelosi and barack obama. he has done that on all signature items that nancy pelosi has asked him to vote for. >> sean: it is interesting the president goes to help perriello normally you wouldn't think he would have to help out on the friday before election. he is headed to delaware. i thought democrats were so confident they were going to beat and defeat christine o'donnell he's going back to illinois to help giannoulias because he doesn't want to be embarrassed. it is interesting that the choices that they are making at this late hour. let's go over -- perriello saying the idea i'm in lockstep is silly bs
12:27 am
conventional wisdom pundits get stuck on. did he vote with them on health care, cap and tax and the stimulus? >> absolutely. he was elected two years ago on the promise that he would be an independent voice. since that time has voted with nancy pelosi, 90% of the time. of course, as you point out 100% of the time on the signature issues. cap and trade in virginia could cost us 50,000 jobs. in the 5th district since the stim!ts package was adopted we've lost 11,000 jobs. contributed to 1.3 trillion in deficit spending and 13 trillion in debt. the people of the 5th district are not happy. they are disappointed with his representation. i think that's what we are seeing on the ground. >> sean: one the phenomenons we picked up around the nation all guys who voted for health care, stimulus cap and tax the one thing they are not running
12:28 am
on is are those specific issues. is he highlighting the fact he made those votes and stood with the president and pelosi? >> it is interesting. since the beginning of his campaign he has run terribly negative false attack campaign against us, from the beginning. i think he's got 11 attack ads now running against us. >> sean: let me guess what the attacks are. we'll play a game. you want to take away grandma's social security and medicare. you want to destroy education. and you want old people kicked out in the street eating dog food, basically. close? >> that makes up a large part of what he's running. that and more. but the thing is, he's afraid to talk about his record. he has said he's an independent voice but he really is not. i think at the end of the day the voters are not going to be swayed by this.
12:29 am
i think they see right through it. what is remarkable the d triple c, seiu,, sierra club they've been hammering us in this race. now four days out, we've got the president of the united states coming in to embrace this man. i think that frankly, it is refreshing to see. >> sean: i think he gets credit, i got to be honest, this is probably the most honest on the one hand and one of the dumbest quotes i've heard from any elected official this is congressman perriello: "the only way to keep them out university cookie jar is to give them no choice. which is why whether it is balanced budget acts, pay as you go legislation or that is the only thing if you don't tie our hands we will keep stealing." he's admitting he's stealing! i can believe he was that dumb ññr, but i like it, it
12:30 am
was good. >> he said it. of course it was an embarrassment to us as citizens of the 5th district. he has said that he believes in a balanced budget in the united states. something that is unrealistic. despite the fact that he has -- he claims this independent streak. but he has -- he now says it is an unrealistic thing to believe we can balance our budget that's a slap in the face to the taxpayers who sent him to washington. >> sean: good luck we'll be watching the results. i bet you are a uva fan. >> absolutely. thank you sean anybody interested in the race can go to >> sean: allegations of voter fraud continue to pop up. as we close in on election day we'll tell you the most outrageous examples, including one democratic group that tried luring voters with free beer. >> and the obama
12:31 am
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>> sean: the routeless dictator of iran celebrated his birthday on thursday the obama administration sent him a twitter message that said happy birthday ahmadinejad celebrate by sending josh and shane home.
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saying the white house continues to kowtow to our enemies governor palin is right. more hannity in [ female announcer ] it's endless shrimp at red lobster. indulge in endless servings of your favoritehrimp. includi crunchy new parmesan shrimp in a buttery garlic sauce. it's endless shrimp. just $15.99. now at red lobster.
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12:35 am
young men reportedly knocked on someone's door and said they were collecting ballots. a group of young democrats in virginia may be in hot water for beer bribing. they advertised on their website free booze and appetizers to anyone who voted early. it may have been a good gimmick it is a violation of election law to offer anyone reward for voting. in nevada, there are multiple allegations of voter fraud in the senate race. reid and angle campaigns are claiming the other side is trying to taint tuesday's outcome. joining me with reaction from the "wall street journal" john fund. author of stealing elections. also with us political commentator, jedediah bila is with us. free beer? come and vote! >> citizen watchdogs is all i'm going to say. people need to be watching, paying attention. there's crazy stuff going on
12:36 am
around the country. it is a reflection of the fact that democrats are scared. >> sean: this happens more than people think, john. you have studied this for a lot of years. come and have a free, you know, hot supper, dinner by the way while you are here why don't you vote early. >> there's the mildest problems we have. federal commission chaired by jimmy carter, james baker, issued a report three, four years ago about all the voter fraud around the country. they recommended photo id supported by 80% of americans. changes in absentee ballot laws. allowing more time^mqñ to verify registration so we don't have acorn-style campaigns where registrations were len. nothing is being done, because people like the system to be loosey goosey and easily open to fraud or frankly incompetence that can obviously be turned into
12:37 am
litigation where you try win at the core house. >> sean: why am i always an -- always suspicious if a race is close the odds are the democrats, depending on what county, what state have an advantage? i'm still not convince al franken won that senate seat. >> we know more felons voted in that race than the margin of difference. >> sean: you think al frank hen stole that seat? >> i -- franken stole that seat? did he lose that race? >> yes. we know more felons voted than the margin of difference. we know how felons >> sean: you would think we want the truth. once you are certified and it is sealed, i got out if truth comes out of corruption like that the voters of an individual state would have some resource, wouldn't you think -- recourse, wouldn't you think? >> once again the democrats
12:38 am
can't say anything about their issues. people have disagreed their agenda from the beginning. what we have is their complete desperation. no amount of pizza from harry reid or beer from anyone else on the democrats' side is going to persuade voters. >> sean: does it matter what kind of beer it is? >> i don't think so. it is over for them and they know it. >> fraud happens in both parties. the big city months where you see the most fraud, those are all run by democrats. >> sean:d6n let's look at specific examples. nevada, people vote for angle and they are saying oops and they look down and they say registered for harry reid. >> that's probably incompetence. if they wanted to steal the election using computers they would have waited until elect day when the vast majority of people vote. we have to distinguish between bureaucratic incompetence the government is running these systems and outright fraud. sean what about bakersfield? is that individuals run amok?
12:39 am
>> no, in that part of california a few years ago somebody submitted new voter registration cards for people voting absentee. when the republicans who voted absentee sent in their ballots the signature on the new registration card that had been filled out for them didn't match the old card all those ballots were thrown out. >> sean: one of the most corrupt issues that angers me the most is the systematic disinfranchisement of our military happening this year in states like illinois and new york. new york was supposed to send out their ballots in the middle of september. they an extension by the board of elections until october 1st, as far as i know, i still don't know if the ballots were sent out. it takes 45 days if they are out fighting for their country and get them back in time to count, i don't hear one democrat, not a single democrat working to ensure that their votes will be counted. >> the disgrace is those are the people on the frontlines
12:40 am
protecting our freedoms and right to vote. a disgrace. >> the obama justice department has a big chunk of its website devoted to try to restore the rights of felons to vote. the priorities scheme to be askew. >> illegal aliens, felons, but the military -- >> sean: good to see you. when we come back our great, great, great, american panel. stressless is designed to be
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12:45 am
guys good to see you, thanks for being with us. there's elite. and then there's arrogance. barack obama thinks the american people are fearful now. the american people, really hard for them intellectually to grasp how great he is. they are living in an era of fear which is why they are rejecting his positions. now we've got john kerry saying we've entered a period of no-nothingism in the country. can't it be that americans are rejecting their liberal socialist policies and failed policies and the attack against the american people. >> nancy pelosi tea party race, harry reid said angle talks in code he has never run against someone who spoke in code. it is as if we are sleeper cells waiting to hear a message from angle. we her the message it wasn't coming from angle, barack obama sent the message loud and clear and we woke up.
12:46 am
they are so elite except when cei and you never hear that he went to yale law school. >> sean: we don't know anything, we are fearful. we just don't see the real wisdom in obama we are having a hard time embracing how great he's been for the economy and politically. >> biden was refering to the fact that nearly half of americans -- >> sean: you mean kerry. >> i'm sorry did i say biden that was yesterday's gaffe. >> sean: even when -- you are admitting it. >> he's refering to the fact that nearly half americans believe president obama had something to do with the economic downturn that started a year before he was in office. it is incorrect. >> sean: caroline you have to get overthis. this man campaigned on change. he looked like a fool on jon stewart -- he made specific promises. if he said if we pass in stimulus unemployment wouldn't go above 8% it is near double digits. he promised change.
12:47 am
nancy pelosi said if she lived within her means deficit spending would end. since she has been speaker, dean, five trillion in accumulated debt since she has taken over as speaker of the house. >> what we have is the politics of blame. and they've been blaming now for two years. and they are continuing to place the blame on republicans. >> sean: and the american people. >> that's correct. when will they ever learn? all the evidence is in, it is time to stop blaming. it is time to start admitting failures and to be in working with republicans and conservatives. >> sean: here's the deal. he campaigned for two years. i've said in before, he's got to man-up. he's got to put his pants on -- >> that's such a sexist thing to say. when did we start using man-up in politics? >> sean: grow up and stop blaming other people. >> why can't he find one vote
12:48 am
-- we hear from the obstructionism -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: slow down a second. slow down. did obama get his stimulus done? >> president obama did -- >> sean: hang on, stop, stop. did he get his omnibus passed? >> he didn't get tax rates for small businesses. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: hang on did he get his health care passed? >> he did. >> sean: dean, he did it against the will of the american people. now the american people, four days from now, have their their opportunity this will be a referendum on him. caroline is having a hard time adjusting to that. >> that's not the issue, the issue is whether americans are -- >> he's governed from the far left. he doesn't understand that america's like a bell curve.
12:49 am
most people are in the center of a bell curve, slightly to the right of center. ronald reagan understood that. he ran, won and governed as a right of center president. bill clinton understood that. so he governed as left of center. >> sean: then he moved to the right. >> to work with republicans and conservatives on welfare reform. the key to watch now, does obama the ideologue have it in him to move to the center? i don't think he does. will create contention and chaos in the next two years. >> sean: we have a couple of polls, i think this was from u.s. news and world report. they compared the favorability of george w. bush and barack obama. first look at barack obama, does he deserve reelection? you got a full 56% of people saying no. second question, who is the better president? who would have thunk this, 18, 19 months ago, george bush,
12:50 am
48-4 . did you miss me yet? >> what is -- 48-43, do you miss me yet. >> he was in for eight years this is happening in two years to president obama came in unbelievable amount of support from across the board. the second thing in that poll, which i find very interesting, when president obama went to tv this week daily show and other shows -- >> sean: didn't he look stupid. >> not only that we didn't get that extra 10%. the 90% of health care he got. it is not the 10% people are upset about. they want to stop obama's policy. if you want to call it filibustering or obstruction. the american people want it done. >> in terms of filibusters the republicans are set to triple the record.ns >> sean: thank god. >> they've been filibustering things like keeping foreign money out of american politics. protecting children from pedophiles. this is an incredible number
12:51 am
of filibusters. >> sean: caroline you are angry. >> i'm not angry, sean. >> sean: i'm telling you here -- >> i'm not angry i just don't like [ talking over each other ] >> sean: the american people overwhelming numbers disagree with him on the mosque, stimulus, health care, arizona immigration law. he thought that he a mandate that he didn't have. he misinterpreted the election results of 2008. now the country is about to go through a major adjustment. you have to get over it. >> i think we can look to ronald reagan to see what is happening with president obama. in 1982 the70qxt economy was ine tank [ talking over each other ] >> sean: he created 22 million new jobs and got us out of the disaster. >> let's see what president obama will do in his next six years. >> sean: that will be two years. more with our great, great more with our great, great american panel as we conti it's our honeymoon. but we've parted wa with our old airline credit card that promid flights for 25,000 miles.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we've got the democrats they say they have a monopoly on minority vote in the country. here you have an african-american candidate in florida, kendrick meek. he's running against an independent former republican, charlie crist and marco rubio marco rubio cuban-american, hispanic-american. here's bill clinton trying to work behind the scenes to get the african-american senate candidate from florida to get out of race and support the former republican, now independent charlie crist. let's roll m 's response. >> if you ever needed a reminder of what is wrong with politics today? this is a great reminder. backdoor deals. that is what is putting
12:57 am
america on wrong track. that got us obama care that's in part what i'm running against this sort of attitude that people in washington that willing to compromise principles in order to acquire power. people that willing to deal with anyone to get and stay elected. as much as anything else that is what is wrong in washington today. if we ever needed a reminder of what is going bad in politics in america thise+nuqvyy is it. >> sean: michael steele said this sends a chilling effect to all voters, especially african-americans. >> bill clinton at it again. a reminder of the sestak days, schilling out for the white house. white house supposedly doesn't know about it. who really cares. the fact there's a good african-american candidate, if you are a liberal he's a solid democrat. let people have a choice, republican and democrat let them go head-to-head. charlie crist is pathetic whether him or clinton's idea or the white house idea, they are scared of marco rubio
12:58 am
>> sean: meek and crist are pretty much neck-and-neck in the poll for second place. marco rubio is running away with this. i think democrats fear he could be president one day or a strong presidential contender. why didn't they ask crist to get out and support kendrick? >> they don't have the control over him to do that. we have to comment on clinton. brilliant politician this is one of the least brilliant moves that bill clinton ever made. the african-american constituency in the democratic party is the most hard-core, loyal democratic constituency. here to put him under the wheels. it does not make sense. >> sean: i think, look if crist was part of this, he's admitted he was part of this. i want to know if they are even why didn't the former democratic president ask the republican, now turned independent governor, why didn't they say you get out and support meek? why didn't the deal work that way? >> they don't have -- he doesn't have control over him.
12:59 am
they are not of the same party. >> sean: slow down, crist was a part of the scheme. >> that's not fair in that they claim the white house -- that's all speculation at this point. what has happened is standard operating procedure in politics it happens all the time there is not illegal or unethical. you look and say we can win if a candidate pulls out. >> sean: marco rubio, he has nailed -- in is what people in this cycle are saying enough enough! >> it is the insiders, like bill clinton coming back from the dead to start meddling in people's races and not letting people run the race. this was all coming from crist he promised to turn democrat they know has a better chance and they wanted meek out. >> here's the point about crist. let's suppose that meek dropped out, the voters of florida are pretty wise voters. they would see that here's


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